Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Finally an Opportunity to talk to you

So I wanted to write the moment I got back, but it is amazing how very busy we Americans have become. When Chris set this blog up for me, he really read my heart very well I mean, just look at the title and you'll know where I stand. I Upenda Uganda!!!!! I thought since there were so many things that transpired on this trip that I would break it down into 2 day periods per post. So today, I will start with our departure. July 8th was a very scary day, while I had been talking this time up and getting excited, I had neglected the fact that I was traveling to a country and a region that had been marked by mass killings, unstable governments and severely infectious diseases. It now began to sink in that I may never see my wife and children again. This was tough, but I knew that it was God's will that I go because if not, the day would not have arrived, I would not have been fully funded and the call would not have been heeded. As I kissed my wife, I know she made it brief because of the fear that was in her as well and she knew that I might cry since I didn't want to bear the thought of not seeing her again. I grabbed my bags and ran for the door only to be called back to the car to grab my passport and wallet. Oh heaven help me. As I raced to the ticket counter I was met by a less than enthusiastic agent who didn't give a rip where I was going nor that I was nervous. My bags were overweight, but this is where her apathy helped me, she didn't seem to care too much about policy either and instead through my bags on the belt and pointed me in the direction of the departure gate. I sat at the gate, thoughts racing through my head, nerves gripping me and fear overwhelming me. I prayed so hard and God delivered me from my fears. I departed for Minneapolis and sat next to an older woman who was more interested in her book than the fact that I was going overseas. Its ok, I wasn't offended, she wasn't going, how could I expect her to get excited or empathize with my nerves. I raced from the plane to the gate where I would meet Mike (dad) Sanger and his daughter Michelle Sanger. I didn't see them right away and just began to trust God that it would be ok. Sure enough 20 minutes before departure they arrived and we had a wonderful meeting. My fears were beginning to subside. They were to me a sweet calming cove in a torrent of emotion. We boarded the plane and I got to sit near and exit which meant I got stretch my legs out. The lady next to me was an Irish lady and you'll have to come back tommorow to get more...

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